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Online dating relationships are becoming more prevalent, especially in South Africa.However, research studies focussing on online dating relationships seems to be lacking.A quasi-comparative research design was used with a non-probability, non-random sample of convenience.The realised sample for this research was 100 participants (N=100), with the total sample (n=100) reporting on online dating relationships and 67 participants (n=67) reporting on the online dating persona.

The study, involving 1,041 subjects, examined the relative desirability of three traits: happiness, pride and shame, and found that while confidence was judged to be the most desired trait in men by women, it was one of the least desired trait in women as judged by men.Psychologist and Villanova University Associate Professor Rebecca J.Brand asked 50 women to judge 100 online dating profiles for men between the ages of 22 and 25 from an online dating site. The women were shown the men's photos and written profiles separately, then asked to judge the profile's author or the man in the photo on traits like confidence, sense of humor, masculinity and overall attractiveness.It takes some time to meet someone who you are interested in and who you think might be interested in asking you out.The one thing that every person joining an online dating site must learn is PATIENCE.The online matchmaking service, Dating Buzz, consented to post an advertisement for research participation.